Apple, Samsung Trial Goes to the Jury

The Apple v. Samsung trial is in the hands of jurors after closing arguments ended yesterday. Each side had two hours to present their final arguments to the jury and rebut the allegations each side raised.

In the morning, Judge Lucy Koh read the final draft of the jury instructions. Nine people will need to decide if Apple and Samsung owe each other for violations of intellectual property. Apple claims that multiple Samsung smartphone and tablet products slavishly copied the iPhone and iPad in order to obtain the success and market share Apple worked years to accomplish. Samsung denies the allegations and has countersued Apple for violating several Samsung patents related to messaging photos and connecting to a 3G wireless network.

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About Simon Linder

I am a registered patent agent in the Silicon Valley area. I specialize in local intellectual property issues and talk about them on my blog.
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One Response to Apple, Samsung Trial Goes to the Jury

  1. Norman Abramovitz says:

    Was there anything noteworthy in the jury instructions that Judge Kol read?

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