Week in IP: February 2 – 8, 2014

In the last article, I mentioned that Twitter had bought patents from IBM after IBM threatened them with patent infringement; Google and Cisco signed a cross-licensing agreement too. Last week had other intellectual property stories to review, like how in the United Kingdom a trademark battle was waged to distinguish between a pigeon and a peasant. Less cultured counterparts in the United States were arguing over the use of the Super Bowl Shuffle. Should you want to be a billionaire so freaking bad, check out a federal government employee finding out his parody video probably cannot be copyrighted. Drink to the end of patent and trademark cases, and see some more intellectual property battles brewing.

Monday, February 3

Twitter, Lilly, Chicago Bears: Intellectual Property


Twitter Buying 900 IBM Patents to End Infringement Dispute


Sanofi sues Lilly over challenge to top diabetes drug Lantus


Jack Wills and House of Fraser in legal battle over a pigeon



Six ex-Bears sue over use of ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ video


Tuesday, February 4

Market for Patents Was Softer in 2013, Firms Say


Wednesday, February 5

Google, Facebook, Ubisoft, Apple: Intellectual Property


Cisco, Google sign patent agreement


FiftyThree applies for ‘Paper’ trademark after Facebook launches new iPhone app with the same name


Thursday, February 6

Adidas, Woolworths, Kraft, Issa: Intellectual Property


Adidas sues Under Armour over patent infringement


Wine makers win ‘South Island’ trademark case


GSA “Billionaire” parody creator files copyright, lawmaker wants it back


Friday, February 7

Trade group seeks more U.S. pressure on India over patent protection



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I am a registered patent agent in the Silicon Valley area. I specialize in local intellectual property issues and talk about them on my blog.
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